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The pain is for a lesson

Ouch 😥 the wound is bleeding again

I sat all alone so my mind reminisces that day when I was told nothing good will come out from this, I watch my self cry like I did the first day it happened. So this became a mantra and beget a lot other ill moments of my life I couldn’t hold back but to swim in a pool of my own tears, I was tracing every pain with words that strike me so I got the lessons from the ones that hit. I’ve done this before and I’m doing it again, STOP IT! I said to myself and wiped off my tears this time a new version has emerge, same story different lesson that’s what I get when I pull out the skin and allow the wound bleed again 😥😥


I’m an optimistic kind of person and I’ll always tell you to be optimistic cause it a mindset that yields good results. Being optimistic doesn’t mean my failures don’t count or I try to ignore them, for me it means I expect the good and embrace the bad…it’s a two sided process that one must go through to achieve success

I’m not negative about things but when it turns out negative I see opportunities in them, even when it comes with none I make out one from it, that is me embracing my failure

Be a product of positivity, the mind is so sensitive to its condition that it can put a person in the hospital when he’s not ill
Have in mind what you want to get from what you are doing, be conscious of it don’t be bias neither should you be perverted

Optimistic attitude➡️ positive results
Be Optimistic ✅

My love life

Love is not just blind

its deaf and mute

clearly in a coma

love for me is a loose end

especially when I lose friend 

Stay back and still won’t fall again

Too scared to love again

But then you’ve come to pull out the pain

And when I watch me love again

I end up being fooled again

Alas it was a game

i was never good at it

loving is not my thing

too many broken heart

non of which can be repaired 



you have choked my lungs with fear

you have place my soul in solitude

you have shut my light for darkness

you have sold my heart to pain

you have turned my sleep to stress

you have coil my mind with anxiety

you have blur my vision with tears

you have put my memory on flashback

you have fill my thoughts with death

you have change my dreams to nightmare

you have torn my flesh with my own hand

you have made my pool in anxiety making me drown when others are swimming

you have put me in the crowd and then taken the crowd away from me

you have possess my life I’m lifeless

You are PTSD a thorn that keep on stabbing me😓

our relationship like man and tapeworm
My life parasite 💔😢

Special one

I want to be special for someone

Two arms holding me tight

And forever keep me close

I want to find my missing colours

For my life is black and white

Have that someone crawling into my thoughts when I try to sleep at night

I want to find the wandering feet that with mine will walk round the world

A body to collide and make momentum when winter nights are cold 0

And keep me so close and abreast whenever till forever

Too arms shielding me tight so I never feel alone

I want to be your special one ❤️

A book and pen

Writing has saved me many times

It’s healed my broken heart

Countless time when my mind

becomes too heavy

My lips mute but eyes watered

A book and pen

has always brought hope

Writing what I don’t even know

Writing has stolen my heart

away from anxiety and solitude

My tears have become my cup of tea

as I don’t hesitate to let it flow

Cry for the feeling

that everything is not alright

When I don’t even know

that which is not alright

I seem to be the ever

strong woman I know

but my crying habit

has left me with doubt

This book and pen

Have mastered my art

and healed my heart